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To the handicappers who struggle to sell picks in the handicapping business, a part of myself invests in every handicapper service I create. I strive to extract the specifics of how each handicapper bets. Why? Because merely selling “picks” doesn’t suffice. Therefore, I focus on understanding how a handicapper approaches betting and then incorporate this into packaging their picks for sale. Selling picks may seem like a straightforward venture, yielding considerable profits by merely being a handicapper who engages in daily sports gambling and is willing to blog about it. Personally I’m not a fan of social media, but seeing handicappers making 100k+ just posting videos, I wanted my slice. I started making money too.

Within the “selling sports picks” niche, smaller niches have sprouted up, like selling Props, this also coming from the type of casinos that have popped up.. However, in most cases, it is the handicappers who actively promote their sports betting ventures on social media that successfully sell picks.

Sports betting content inundates social media platforms, discussing system players, prop bettors, teasers, and parlays. Handicappers are reaping substantial profits, much like the Bitcoin speculators.

“I never have been able to help a handicapper that has not been willing spent time posting.”

With sports betting sweeping the country with popularity, It’s so easy to make money selling picks, you don’t even need to be a winning handicapper, the winning handicapper is the one posting 5-10x a day on Twitter and Instagram are making millions.

Honestly, it’s as simple as posting once a day. You have to go work everyday right? It’s the same with the handicapping business, you need to be posting at the very least every time you make a sports bet, you should be blogging it. It’s money in the bank. I’m not a Twitter or a YouTube type of guy either, then I saw handicappers making $100k during NFL season.

The Handicappers that take the advice and start posting everyday sell more picks. And after a few weeks it becomes a habit.