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As an online sports handicapping website owner, you may have received offers from offshore casinos and sports books to become an affiliate and promote their business. However, you should be careful before jumping into any such deal, as many of these affiliates offer low commission rates and poor payouts and big makeups when a player does manage to win big leaves the sports service with no money.

In fact, offshore sportsbook affiliates are essentially dead, and adding a banner on your website without getting paid upfront is simply not worth it. These shady casino affiliate deals are often a way for smaller casinos and sports books to avoid paying for Social Media and digital marketing, but they are certainly not in your best interest as a website owner.

Promoting offshore sports books can be illegal, it is also highly risky and can lead to a loss of credibility for your website when bettors get burned. It is essential to get money upfront, as you are likely to be the last person that the casino thinks of when they get a converting lead. In some cases, they may even take that lead over to another sportsbook website down the road, cutting you out completely.

Overall, it is important to be paid upfront before promoting offshore casino and sports book affiliates. If you want to do Affiliates make sure you thoroughly research any potential deals and only promote businesses that are legal and reputable. By doing so, you can protect your website and reputation while also ensuring that you are fairly compensated for the leads your website produces.