Handicapping Squeeze-pages

Lead Generating Squeeze Pages for Handicappers.

Squeeze page Capper is a simple funnel page solution for handicappers services looking to generate leads and target a single product page or promotion. These landing pages will generate more email or phone leads and squeeze the money from your customer’s wallets!

Custom one page Wordpress Squeeze-page.

See Squeeze page examples:

Landing and squeeze pages are one of the most important factors in online marketing, hands down, period, end of story…

Squeeze pages are also very effective used with email marketing leads. Landing pages takes away all the distractions of a full blown website and can even work with your current website by featuring a trial product. Many handicappers don’t want a full website or feel a website is too much; and only want to generate leads. Dollar for dollar this is the best investment.

example of squeeze page sales

example of squeeze page sales

Our  sports handicapping squeeze pages will convert your traffic into real sales!

  • I will convert your idea into a powerful call to action that will make you sales.
  • AB testing, Better click through rate, closing sales a much higher rate.
  • Top quality pro graphics.


Custom one page Wordpress Squeeze-page.

Product Description

Our of Sports Handicapping Squeeze pages come with

  • WordPress install
  • A lead capture system (email/phone number)
  • Design Custom layout
  • Paypal Shopping cart
  • 7-10 days turnaround time

With a good piece of sales adcopy a squeeze page is all you need, you can make as much money as you want to make.


A sports handicapping squeeze page is a one product single page website solution, that turns your sports handicapping business into a money making machine”.  — Winners On Demand

Custom one page Wordpress Squeeze-page.


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