Sports bettor lead generation and player acquisition on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. [see our conversions]


The FUTURE of Sports betting leads is Social Media.

If you’re not winning on the cell phone frankly you’re losing.

Videos on Twitter, TikToc, YouTube, Instagram IS THE FUTURE bettor acquisition and finding more leads for handicappers and Sports books.

This is why social media leads are better email leads and text marketing.

  1. It is becoming harder than ever to launch a successful email marketing campaign an get into the inbox because of spam filters.
  2. If you text someone without written consent you very well could open yourself up to a lawsuit.




Sports betting leads / player acquisition on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and targeting bettors posting tickets and blogging about what they’re betting on. 

A run down of what we provide in our Social media management:

  • You will give us full access to your twitter/ YouTube / Instagram / accounts.
  • You will provide a description of your products and services (so we know what and how to market them)
  • You will also provide us some graphics needed in high resolution – for example: Logo, header, etc
  • We tweet, retweet and comment and create banners, memes.
  • All package includes 4 banners and 3 revisions a month. If you want more, we charge $45 per banner.
  • We only offer lead generation, we don’t respond to DM’s or sales of picks in any capacity.  

We are posting when sports is on, reaching sports bettors when the action is hot. Engaging sports bettors with more REAL likes, tweets, and retweets. 

How do we find sports betting leads on social media?

We target real sports bettors and people sharing betting tickets as you see in our examples:

  1. We market during NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL sport event periods.
  2. Posting positive spin, and comments on your post with other accounts we manage.
  3. See real-time traffic to your website.
  4. Interact one on one with bettors in DMs.
  5. We help you improve your tweeting to target gamblers.
  6. Engage bettors with deposit promos, discounts, contests.
  7. WE DO NOT: respond to DMs, offer customer support or sales

We offer 3 packages. Twitter, Twitter + Facebook or Instagram or all 3 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Increase your websites search ranking with social media link building from high ranking pr ranking sites..


If you have a special request regarding the banners, we ask for 48 hours allowance. We live in a different time zone, it’s only fair that you give us enough time to draft them to get them posted before game time.

Social media snap shot results

You can see the results in your facebook account.


*we target the sports betting niche areas of the handicapping business. We search and target sports bettors, handicappers, gamblers, poker players, Video Poker across social media.

Additional information

30 days SM management

Twitter, Twitter + VIDEOS Instagram or YouTube, Twitter + Instagram