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We help sports handicapping businesses reach real losing sports bettors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram other social media sites. We search and target sports bettors blogging on social media and posting their tickets.


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In social media sometimes all you need is a little help getting your message out. 

Handicapping websites has 350k targeted followers on Facebook & Twitter that gamble and wager on sports.


30 Days of Twitter account Management.
30 Days of Twitter account Management.
find real sports bettors online tweets, retweets, follows, likes, engagements.


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Product Description

How does our sports social media marketing work?

  1. We target real sports bettors and people looking to make money on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Increase search ranking with social media link building from high ranking pr ranking sites.
  3. See real-time traffic to your website.*see the results example below.
  4. Interact one on one with leads direct message.
  5. Engage customers with discounts, contest, and valuable converting sales.

We are here to help you find real leads on social media.

Social media snap shot results

You can see the results in your facebook account.

30 Days of Social Media Marketing
30 Days of Social Media Marketing
it shares and likes during peak sports events.

*we target the sports betting niche areas of the handicapping business. We search and target sports bettors, handicappers, gamblers, poker players across social media.

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