Handicapping Membership Website

Sports Handicapping Membership websites provide you a direct contact to you members.  This package is a handicapping website with a full membership area.

From the standpoint of monetizing a handicapping business website, right now targeted networks of sports bettors are very strong.

The mainstream shopping cart that is being used to collect money from members for your sports picks. It’s so easy anyone can use it. We have tweaked this membership plugin to work with sports handicapping and some gambling websites.

Membership Capper
Membership Capper
This website package focuses on premium content and membership management.

Product Description

  • this package allows visors to create memberships
  • Email or SMS alert members when picks are posted
  • view premium content

Want to do it yourself? > This WordPress plugin is a very simple install into the WordPress install. It will allow you to take payments and protect content to sell to clients.