Handicapping Membership Website or Multi handicapper


Host sports handicappers on your website and profit from their pick sales. Now you can own a MuitiCapper Website like popular websites DubClub and PickCity and profit a percentage from other handicappers sales.

This package is for Members or (buyers) and Multi Capper “Handicapper” are also members of your website with a role that allows them to to post content and sell their sports picks.

  • bettors / handicappers can create memberships and post picks for sale.
  • email or SMS alert members when picks are posted. (29$ sms service plugin and sms service required.)
  • sell picks, cards and access to vlogs & podcast.

Single tier member (customer) $750
Double tier member (handicapper, customer) $1250



From the standpoint of monetizing a handicapping business website, the subscription format of charging a monthly membership subscription is one of the most successful format. The MulticapperĀ format allows website owners make money off cappers posting picks on the website.

Collect money from Sports Bettors / members for your sports picks in a monthly subscription format. It’s so easy anyone can use it. We have tweaked this membership plugin to work with sports handicapping and some gambling websites.