Marketing Sports Texting Leads

Make more money texting sports marketing leads! Are you ready to take the next step with texting leads?

The biggest issue with sports marketing emails is you have to be a real email marketing Ninja so you don’t end up in the spam box. The biggest benefit to text marketing is you reach the person directly to their handset. This is super powerful.

Don’t take my word for it… Ask yourself this question. Do you pick your cell phone if you don’t recognize the number?

Phone leads have also suffered the same fate. Text marketing is becoming very affordable for small business and people to get-in an start making money.

Affordable Bulk Text Messaging Campaigns

Text Marketing Alerts
Text Marketing Alerts
Wha... your website don't send texting alerts to your members? Ours does!! See example below

example marketing text

EzTexting service has the best offer on the Web for handicappers trying to get started in Text marketing.

You can see from the example, you can text picks or send notification to members that picks have been posted.

EzTexting service id 100% FREE to signup, and you can send out up to 500 text a day for free.

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