Sports bettors email marketing list

We are the largest network of sports handicapping websites in the world, we get many contacts and collect emails surrounding the handicapping, sports betting and gambling niches.

What makes our sports marketing email leads list so good?

  • Real buyers (gamblers)
  • Clean list (removal of spam domains)
  • This is not a harvested list
  • Confirmed buyers of gambling products (most of these emails can be linked to a sale)
  • Large % of emails are current contacts
  • The sports bettors on the list actively receive.
The World Greatest email list
The World Greatest email list
the list grows and shrinks every day.

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Product Description

our email marketing list contains gamblers, punters, horse racers, handicappers, poker players, website owners, sports bettors, hustlers, casino patrons, system players, millionaires, men mostly from 28-70.

*Before buying our product you should have experience in email marketing.

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