Sports bettors email marketing list

Our sports bettor email marketing list is the best in the sports handicapping business. Don’t be fooled by fake gambler emails.

Our email marketing list of sports bettors contains the following type of gamblers: 80% sports bettors… But also contains general gamblers, whales, punters, horse racers, handicappers, millionaires, poker players, bookies, gambling website owners, parlay bettors, teaser bettors, prop players, casino industry people, hustlers, casino patrons, betting system players, men mostly from 28-75 and yes even some women bettors too.

  • A very large % of these emails are in fact buyers of sport picks. 100% gambling products.
  • Clean list (removal of spam domains) We have done our best to groom these emails.
  • Organically harvested not a scraped list of sports bettors.
  • Not ran with an email Validator.
  • Good open rate sports-related and regularly receive this type of marketing.
  • Will take free games.

TOTAL NUMBER Marketing email LEADS – 15,000


$400.00 for 15,000 emails (paid via Zelle only)

SAMPLE list 1500 emails for $250 also paid Zelle only.

PLEASE NOTE: list format delivered after payment and you have confirmed are a real person.
(if you like a different format respond to the email and i’ll send .xlsx or .csv)


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*PLEASE NOTE: Before buying our bettors email list you should have experience in email marketing and second, a good email lead is a good email contact.