I offer many types of advertisements on all Sports Handicapping Business Network. Our website reaches a wide range of viewers under the gambling for profit umbrella.

Almost everyday I add something new to this massive network of Sports Handicapping reference information. I am very passionate about teaming up with handicappers make money on the web, everything you see on my website supports the handicapping business community.

Currently offer 3 types of advertising on my network of sports handicapping websites. BANNERS, ARTICLES and ads in our SERVICES AND PRODUCTS marketplace.

The network of websites is broken up into targeted areas.

  1. handicappingwebsites.comsports handicapping information and services
  2. free.handicappingwebsites.com – how to make a free handicapping website
  3. horseracing.handicappingwebsites.com
  4. handicapping.news
  5. seohandicapper.com – search engine optimization for handicapping business
  6. parlay.handicappingwebsites.com
  7. basketballoverunder.handicappingwebsites.com 

This team of handicapping business service websites, providing services and information to handicapping entrepreneurs, website owners about website development and search engine optimization or SEO.

HandicappingWebsites.com target audience is:

  • Sports and Horse racing Handicappers
  • Gamblers > *I post interesting information tidbits for serious gamblers to find
  • People wanting to make money sports wagering > many people simply find this website searching for sports betting systems.
  • System Bettors
  • WordPress users (*that are also handicappers)
  • Website/blog owners
  • Investors in gambling systems
  • People seeking web-development for handicapping websites
  • Poker players
  • Degenerate Gamblers
  • Sports bettors/handicappers
  • 4999 of my friends on Facebook friends 1500+ Twitter followers
  • Any of the 100,000 followers across on all the social networks we manage.
  • Entrepreneurs > Handicapping website business owners

If you would like to see my most recent traffic shot please contact me by commenting in the blog post box, or via the contact me link on the top of the blog. *by clicking on the screenshot you can see a clearer traffic data. To contact me for further advertisement questions, Click here

Advertising Packages

Buy a link
Buy a link
Get a one way link back on all (6) of the handicapping websites in the network.
Top Banner Area
Top Banner Area
*header - The top area displays in the top area on every page of the website. $250 for 90 days. (banner size 728x90)
Main Page
Main Page
Ad space on the main page of handicappingwebsites.com - banner displays in the middle column, only showing on the main page of the website. $150 for 90 days. (banner size 300x300)
Sidebar - page / post
Sidebar - page / post
(size 250x250), inner sidebar, ad will display on all the inner pages and post of my website.
Under Content Banner
Under Content Banner
Get a banner placement under one of our articles on the website for 90 days. Size 626x400 max

**If you don’t have a banners and are looking for artwork, I offer banner services starting at just $149.99 for a set of 3 banners.