Business Handicapping Website


Professional Sports Handicapping Website for $1000.00 dollar investment. For fast return on your investment.

I will design you a stylish Sports Handicapping Website from a WordPress theme, add a shopping cart so you can take payments for your picks and from some basic information you provide me.

Anyone become a handicapper and sell their sports touts with a handicapping website. I will make some custom handicapping sports/casino artwork and professional logo with your sports service branding that will convert your sports picks into cold hard cash quickly.

You must provide some basic content about how you handicap sports picks.


What’s included in our Handicapping Websites Business package:

  • Installation of the WordPress CMS on Handicapping Websites system.
  • Artwork – custom handicapping logo, banners, sidebar.
  • Setup picks packages, copy writing some basic ad copy to get you started.
  • Custom email setup. example: [email protected].
  • Shopping Cart to sell picks – (Paypal, and even Bitcoin) that will sell sport picks and monthly picks services.

*Important details you need to know before buying: You will need and domain (12$) for your website. This is really an unavoidable cost of owning a Sports Handicapping website.