Handicapping Website SMS text alerts!!

Wha… your handicapping website doesn’t send text marketing alerts to your members when plays go up?


Our handicapping custom website sends text alerts to the members!! If you are not text marketing your leads you’re leaving money on the table. Texting and email sports picks is the most popular communication method for sports bettors.

Are you ready to take the next step with texting marketing leads? Text marketing will create more sales by alerting members when picks go live on your website creating more buying opportunities.

The biggest issue with email marketing sports leads is you have to be a real email marketing Ninja so you don’t end up in the spam box.

The biggest benefit to text marketing is you reach the person directly to their cell phone. This is super powerful with all the problems that exist with email marketing. Text marketing is becoming very affordable for handicappers to get-in and start making money.



FYI – this product requires SMS service just like a cell phone. You should also be familiar with the risks of TCPA volitions.