Nevada C corp or LLC to my sports handicapping business.


The total cost with my fee $150

EXTRA COST: Nevada Corp + Business license + Mailbox + Mailing to your address is very near $1000. ALL NEVADA FEEs can be paid online.

This will also help with:

  • Getting business PayPal
  • Bank account
  • Tax EIN #
  • Las Vegas Business license

FAQ: also keep in mind 30 days after the filing the officers will have to be filled online a cost of $250 I believe. Paid to the state of Nevada.

Yes Nevada Corporations have gotten very expensive.






This may be the #2 thing I’m asked. Can I put my handicapping business behind a corporation so as to appear that you are a Las Vegas business? Yes, I offer the service to go to the Las Vegas City hall on your behalf, make sure your papers are filled out correctly and file the NV Corp for a cost of $150.00. This service cost from a local attorney cost $1000 – $1500

The number 1 and 2 reasons handicappers want to incorporate is because of getting a Paypal account or to hide their name.

FYI: I can not and do not offer any legal advice, I’m only a doc service. You should consult with an attorney and an accountant.

PLEASE NOTE: Also required in Nevada is to have an agent for process on the corp and I use this service for $15 a month, they will give you a virtual mailbox with a physical Las Vegas location (NON-PAID AD) >