Sports Handicapping WordPress Theme


If you are a Handicapper looking for an easy to use solution for your Handicapping WordPress site, you came to the right place! We will edit your current WordPress theme into handicapping website. Our Sports Handicapping Wordpress Theme transfermations look amazing. Are you ready to start profiting now?

The WordPress theme COMES WITH these plugins to help it sell sport picks

  • Shopping Cart.
  • Membership Area.
  • Simple Record Tracking.

Details: I will change your WordPress website, add plugins, so you can collect payments for your sports picks or system with Paypal, Square, WooCommerce. No computer experience? If you can send an email you can run this website!

Please note: You must provide the website content.

*we add content, add $199.00


If you’re a winning handicapper or not, it makes no difference. We provide turn-key websites and that offers full service.

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You can expect a return on your investment, in most cases, less than 3 months. Most businesses have a 1-2 year return on their investment. Some of you will see a return in less than 30 days! If you are like me, then you spend hours a day studying complex sporting data from many sources in order to arrive at your best picks. Why not get additional pay for your time? You may wonder, “But I am not a winning sports bettor.” “Will my web site still make money?” of course it will! Most of you reading this visit many different sports-related web sites. You may have made them money and don’t even know it. If you had your own web site, you could be profiting right now!