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The single BEST thing you can do to improve your handicapping website is adding more content.

We write: blog post, tweets, Facebook updates, adcopy, reviews, sports picks, updates, forum posting, tout services, gambling, technical.

Adding more meat and potatoes content, using good keywords like return on investments, or targeting the main subject like maybe “parlays” and staying away from google blocking words like “gambling” can be key to success and ranking to convert more sales.

Even the smallest changes can bring about big changes. 

Sometimes handicapping website owners will lower the price of their picks hoping this will help make more sales. In fact in most cases adding more content, better details how to sign up, giving better details about how you bet, can make the difference you are looking for.

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We provide keyword rich creative content for handicapping, sports betting, online casinos websites.

All the ideas, the content, all the products on and projects are the ideas I came up with. Understanding how gamblers/buyers in this niche think can make all the difference in your success online.

Want to sell more picks?: If you spend more time writing in full detail about “how you bet” bring out the details and posting it on your website, you will find more bettors that want to buy picks searching Google and forums looking for similar information. The number one issue handicappers face is lack of content on the website.

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