Price Per Head Website


Handicapping Website is now in the Price Per Head business because of handicappers often times moonlight in the bookie business.

If you have players we can help you!

  1. Save money per player
  2. Casino
  3. Racebook/horse racing
  4. Live blackjack

Handicapping websites is dedicated to providing you a trustworthy sportsbook solution with ease and make you more profit! Because HandicappingWebsites is in the business!

Handicapping Websites targets Bookies who are using another price per head platform but looking for a superior software. Handicapping websites has worked with most PPH software and ours is no doubt the unparalleled one, and we can prove it with our demo.

Handicapping Websites are no doubt the best choice because aside from our superior product, we also provide unmatched customer service! Our team of IT engineers has over 35 years of experience in this business, and they’re always ready to assist you looking out for your business!

  • Player Platform

  • Agent Software

  • Server Security

  • Premium Support

Price Per head software has all the functionality you will need to run your business online with the ability to change almost anything without even a phone call. Go ahead, give us a try! We’re looking forward to bringing you on board and let us help your business grow!

If you already have existing players or ready to make the jump call us today for a special FREE trial offer. ($300 Deposit Required)