Sports betting Copywriter [Sportsbooks, Handicapping and Gambling Niches]

No one in the Sports betting niche is more prepared to write effective sales copy to close more sales to Sports betting gamblers than me. I have 10 years working in casino marketing and as a Las Vegas casino dealer. I understand how to market to gamblers. I’ve worked for the World Series of Poker, i’m a fully trained Dice, blackjack, and poker dealer I worked for Harrah’s Entertainment known now as Caesars Entertainment marketing department traveling to Reno, California, Nevada, Mississippi.

  • I write sales copy to target the type of Gambler or sports bettor you’re looking for. (You’re never going to get a blackjack player to gamble their money on bingo)
  • I have a strong call to action and very creative ideas.
  • AND i’m an amazing graphic designer. (GIVING YOUR PROJECT THE ONE TWO PUNCH)




Hiring a Copywriter that has no experience in the gambling business is simply a waste of money. Scott, known in the internet world as “Scotty Bear” is an expert gambling content creator. Scott is a YouTube Partner, Scott has the largest targeted following of sports bettors and handicappers on Twitter, and Instagram.