Sports betting leads

PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING: If you don’t have experience in text marketing or cold calling leads, this is not for you.

The fight against robo calls and text blasting, is very strong. You need to familiarize yourself with the TCPA. BLASTING LEADS LIKE THIS is $1500 per violation! 

the total number of phone and texting leads we have is 678,453


  • This data is not opt-in – Buying optin data is a scam, they didn’t opt-in to receive contact from your service.
  • The data is *NOT cleaned. We collect.
  • *NOT dated – All our data has been combined, “hot-leads” is some bullshit hustler scam. How “hot” any lead is a only a blind guess… Sports bettors are off and on. Contacts equal conversions. see the video below.
  • We don’t know what percentage is mobile or landline. This is a free tool you can use to find out: (*if we do it, the leads cost more money)
  • Numbers only:
  • Name and numbers:
  • Emails are on a different list see here
  • We sell a 1000 number sample for $250 paid via Zelle

COST IS $2000 per 100,000 numbers
*some with names.

Paid via Zelle or Bitcoin


Why Zelle? It’s none refundable, We also take Bitcoin, ETH and XRP

Handicapping Websites does not provide SMS services.

A good amount of our leads that can be traced back to a sale for sports picks or gambling-related services. The handicapping business is changing very quickly.

Handicapping Websites has emails, names, and numbers marketing list for Handicappers and Sportsbooks businesses looking for sports bettors, handicappers, poker players, and gamblers.

We recently combined all of our data to one list we only sell 100,000 blocks. please see video below, we worked with the largest handicappers on the planet and have collected data from 1000’s of jobs and have combined all of our data. Our leads come from many sources. We work with startups and we have almost 100 targeted niche squeeze pages collecting names and numbers.


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100k block, 10k sample