Instagram and Facebook Paid Boosted Ads for Handicappers and Casinos


Handicapping services and online casinos get ad campaigns boosted on Instagram and Facebook approved.

Handicapping website reports Handicappers getting their paid ad accounts banned for trying to start paid ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook.

You’re probably here because you have seen paid advertising from other handicapper selling sports picks on Instagram and Facebook and tried to boost your own post and have been shut down. So are you allowed run ads to sell picks on Instagram and Facebook or not? The simple answer is Yes, it is clearly outlined in Meta’s terms of Service viewable in the screenshot below. Handicapping is very tricky content like CBD and Crypto.  Mostly because handicapping is not widely understood the content gets miscategorized as gambling. In our experience, most ad reviewers we deal with at Meta don’t have any gambling experience and don’t understand the subject matter.


The reasons Handicapping Websites feels handicappers are having issues getting paid ad campaigns boosted published on Instagram and Facebook.

  • The AI that initially approves Instagram and Facebook boosted ads can’t distinguish between “gambling” and “Handicapper” content
  • Scammy creatives.
  • The inexperienced Meta ad reviewers don’t understand the sports handicapping content.
  • Predatory ad flagging.

Meta requires casinos and gambling services to submit an application for paid ads on Instagram and Facebook.

However it clearly states as you see below handicappers don’t need permission.