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Handicapping website helps sports handicappers and horse racer handicappers wanting to build a website and sell their sports picks online. I enjoy helping handicappers building their websites, but sometimes it’s really hard to explain to handicappers how to make a good website. I am not sure what crossed their mind when they decided to start a website in the first place. But somehow It seems like it never fails when the handicapper comes to me and they don’t even have one line written down about their website idea.

Step One – It is important to have as much information as possible when starting any website. A handicapping website is a business investment just like any other business and your preparation will reflect your results. The first reason you should have your ideas drafted out is, the more content you post on your website this helps to bring creditably to your handicapping website. Even details, as simple as, how to recover your password and how payments are made to your service, makes readers feel like they are using an established business, not a fly-by-night website or in this case Handicapping business. The second reason is the better quality of the information on your handicapping website, the better organic search ranking you will receive from Google and other top search engines. Handicapping and tout websites are already frowned upon as far Google is concerned, so it is best to post detailed information about your service and how it works for the best results.

I think most handicappers feel it is easy to start a handicapping website, but it takes more than a few affiliate banners and  sharp look to make a really good sports handicapping website. Besides the sports picks, a good article base, and terms and conditions, and membership details  of what a pick buyer will get for his money is very big!

As silly but breaking down your system and how you arrive on your plays will make a big difference. Five to six articles and a few pages takes just a minute or two to read and are not going to convert into many sales in the long run. Think about the websites you personally use on a regular basis, and why you use it even gather some examples you like. Even website like Amazon and eBay has return policies and damage policies, and have made changes that have improved your buying experience.

Here is a list you can use to get the best result with your website.

  • The first piece of advice I offer sports handicappers is to spend some time writing a few pages about your idea. (It is best to write at least 10 pages.)
  • Many handicappers feel like a black or dark website reflects the “sports betting experience” but in fact studies show that lighter and even a white websites keeps the reader engaged, and has a much higher conversion rate.
  • Write about the the type of picks you are going to offer on your website, what kind of capping you are going to do, and your background in sports handicapping.
  • Post an entertainment legal disclaimer. (Example: My picks are losers and if you gamble you run the risk of losing your money.) *THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!
  • Post your results so people can see, people like to feel like you have skin in the game too, so posting YOUR results helps!
  • Keep it simple – You may feel like you have to have all these complex details and things on your website. The best approach is to keep things as simple as possible and most handicappers are not that tech savvy.

Big No-No’s

  • Never copy – I’m still surprised to this day at the guys that look at another handicapper’s website and feel like they can copy them, or take their ad-copy off their website and use it. As it turns out, Google already thought of this before you did. You can get shutdown for this and even sued, this is no joke!  There are services that detect copied information on the web and it is much better than you might think. If you feel like you can change the text slightly, it can also detect writing patterns even if you have changed the text a little or a lot.

**Keep in mind – As easy as all this sounds, making a website is going to be REAL work! Websites like Covers, and Don’s best have thousands of words and constantly updating with fresh content because in the sports betting world the information on your website expires very quickly!