Business Handicapping Website with / shopping cart.

Get a Sports handicapping website for under a $650.00 dollar investment, for an easy and fast return on your investment.

I will select a stylish functional WordPress theme, add a shopping cart so you can take payments and transform it into a sports handicapping theme based on some basic details you will provide me.

I will customize a WordPress template. Add some fresh artwork, and nice logo with your company branding that will convert your picks into cold hard cash quickly.

What comes with The Handicapping Business package?

  • Installation of the WordPress CMS on your hosting.
  • Artwork – custom logo, banners, sidebar.
  • Setup picks packages, add base content to get you started.
  • Custom email setup. example:
  • Paypal, and even Bitcoin Shopping Cart to sell picks and services.
100% customize a WordPress template with fresh artwork, and nice logo with your company name. On the WordPress CMS with Paypal, and Bitcoin shopping cart plugin.

*Important details you need to know before buying: You will need hosting and domain. This is really an unavoidable cost of owning a website.

Check out some examples of business handicapping websites that we have done at this pricing level:

We also have a package that comes with 6000 words of content to get started if you need it.

Business Website With / Content
Business Website With / Content
Need some content for your sports capping website? *add 6000 words of content to my handicapping website. BUY NOW and we will add 6000 word extra of keyword rich handicapping content for just $100.00

Need something that fits into your budget better? We also offer a website on our business network this is the same as blogger or Wix for $9.99 a month. click here for more details


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