Business Handicapping Website

Business Sports Handicapping Website with / shopping cart.

I will make you a stunning handicapping website for under a $500.00 dollar investment, for an easy and fast return on your investment. I will select a stylish functional WordPress theme, add a shopping cart so you can take payments and transform it into a sports handicapping theme based on some basic details you will provide me.

I will customize a WordPress template. Add some fresh artwork, and nice logo with your company branding that will convert your picks into cold hard cash quickly.

What comes with The Handicapping Business package?

  • Installation of the WordPress CMS on your hosting.
  • Artwork – custom logo, banners, sidebar.
  • Setup picks packages, add base content to get you started.
  • Custom email setup. example:
  • Paypal & Shopping Cart to sell picks and services.
Business Handicapping Website
100% customize a WordPress template with fresh artwork, and nice logo with your company name. On the WordPress CMS with Paypal and shopping cart plugin.

Examples of basic handicapping websites that we have done at this pricing level:

Business Website With / Content
Business Website With / Content
Need some content for your sports capping website? *add 6000 words of content to my handicapping website. BUY NOW and we will add 6000 word extra of keyword rich handicapping content for just $100.00

Need something that fits into your budget better? We also offer a website on our business network this is the same as blogger or Wix for $9.99 a month. click here for more details

Important details you need to know before buying: You will need hosting and domain for your website. This is really an unavoidable cost of owning a website.

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Let Handicapping Websites show you a return on your investment in 180 days.

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