Rarely do I get the chance to find something truly amazing in the Sport Handicapping Business, and in this Handicapping PROfile I want to show what it takes to become a TRUE winning handicapper.

Most handicappers feel that this business is about the picks, when really it’s not. The handicapping business is 85% marketing, and 15% picks. So what do you do when you find a real winner? You ride that mother fucker till the wheels come off.

Even I learned something this time, honestly winning handicappers don’t have time for a website, they spend hours a day pouring over stats. I can believe this, I played poker for many years and I didn’t even have time for grocery shopping poker totally consumed my life.

It’s not often I get to actually find the real winner at sports betting, and with 500+ picks BettingJesus sports has earned an A+ rating in the Cappertek Directory. How good is that? Out of of 1,766 handicapping services in the directory only .008 % of the sports handicapping services that has their record actually documented have earned the prestigious rating of A+. Not only does BettingJesus sports win at an extremely high rate it’s 100% transparent and has earned it’s A+ rating for honesty and integrity.

And BettingJesus rocks in Soccer.