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We find real losing sports bettors! How is this better?

Don’t be fooled by the fake lead generated or email marketing services flailing bullshit around Social Media that is not going to work. 

Sports betting leads

Engagement with a losing sports bettor on Twitter.

Our social media marketing brings real ENGAGEMENTS with real Sports Bettors! 

  • We don’t dark post. *meaning – blindly posting on Twitter & Facebook groups that people’s profiles. WE SPEAK SPORTS BETTING!!
  • We target real gamblers. We have real Facebook accounts, that have targeted gamblers – Sports bettors, poker players, horse racers, handicappers, gamblers, poker dealers in the Las Vegas area.

Real targeted marketing, real people, Big Ballers, less fake accounts equal real money.


We don’t use fake Facebook marketing profiles with stupid names like “Bill Bucks” with a hundred dollar bill as the profile pic, that people can plainly see are fake. We don’t post spam, we place timely responses. That not only that they see, but also their friends see. Facebook comment readers have become more popular than ever. Comments have their own following.


Are you ready to meet gamblers ready to bet in real time? With real replies to our comments.

facebook commenting

facebook comment drop

You can almost forget marketing of the past, Facebook and Twitter have given us front row seating into people’s personal lives, this allows us to introduce new info.

So what is the response?

RIGHT NOW we have over 150,000 followers across about 40 social media accounts and our followers are using Facebook, and we are on the lookout for leads and building our online presence with a partnership with handicappers and other contacts in the business to promote the business of handicapping.

Get started now, and you can have your service in front of real sports bettors.>you could be here

And wanna know what the best part is? Unlike bullshit SEO, you see all the link placements in your Facebook account, so you can see the response in front of your eyes.

Facebook Lead Generation Marketing
Facebook Lead Generation Marketing
Now you can get your service inffront of people without the fear of going to the Spam box
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