Social Media Marketing

We can jump start your handicapping website’s traffic now! Get the kind of marketing that sports bettors coming to the website when the action is happening! We market Thursday though Monday and during peek sports event times. We have 300k gamblers and sports bettors in our social network. We manage and share Facebook posts and Tweets.

  • Only Market only in peek peirods.
  • Point to REAL results NOW!!
30 Days of Twitter account Management.
30 Days of Twitter account Management.
find real sports bettors online tweets, retweets, follows, likes, engagements.

Examples of Weekly Results:

examplesocialmedia results




Product Description

Real review of one our client’s first week using our Social Media marketing service:

“I had 35 people visit the website yesterday, the most I ever had in one day before was like 26.  Here is a snap shot of the report. I have to believe it’s the help from you! Just need to make some sales now!!

We were 5-1 yesterday including (Colts +10) also hit in NHL (Ducks -1.5) +230 over the Wild 4-1 FINAL!” –Rod-SportsHhandicappingServices!!!


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