Social Media Followers – Start a Handicapping Fan / Like Facebook page.


Need a sports Handicapper Facebook Like or Community page to support your business website, blog or web presence? We want to build a network of great services, this is the ground floor! We are growing this service everyday.

A Facebook fan or community page is the most effective way to reach your clients without dangerous pitfalls email marketing. Stop wasting valuable work effort ending-up in the spam box, maximize ALL your contacts, like pages have a 100% open rate and you can forget about opt-ins.



How can a fan page help your online handicapping business?

  1. Send your clients directly to your website.
  2. Increase search ranking.
  3. Send real-time updates.
  4. Interact one on one with your clients,
  5. offer loyal customer discounts and valuable converting sales.
  6. Better SEO