Get a Free Sports Handicapping WordPress blog that you own.

Now just like the popular FREE blogging platforms WordPress, Blogger and Godaddy’s website builders, Handicapping websites offer a free blog MADE FOR JUST FOR HANDICAPPERS.

Or Take payments and add members for $39.00 a month. *WITH A FREE Service LOGO!!

What are some of the “other” benefits of having a monthly sports handicapping website on the network versus another website?

Get A Free Blog!

  1. You don’t need a domain name, a 10$ savings!
  2. You pay nothing for hosting your website, another 100$ annual saving.
  3. We do all the updates, maintenance, and FREE support to help you be successful.

FYI – If you decide to leave and take your website, then it’s NO PROBLEM the programming is WordPress world’s MOST popular platforme in the world. Exporting your files and taking them with you, takes just a few mins!


  • Your website is hosted on OUR Handicapping network just like other free blogging/websites services, so this means no costly updates.
  • You never have to pay for tech support! We always wanna help. Free email support/and you can upgrade to CALL IN SUPPORT.
  • You also get 24/7 technical and design support from us! That’s right, your website is under our care. AND WE CARE!!! 

We are Cappers in business to make money just like yourself, so you benefit from great help building your business.

  • You can use our shopping cart, take advantage of the same things you see on this website. and the BEST part is you can charge for your picks and they will directly deposit into your Paypal account for $39 a month.!

We provide you with a custom URL that will be used as your domain name, if you would like to buy a domain you can also add this to your website no problem.

Now you can get a Sports Handicapping website with all the tools you need, ready to get started?


Product Description

What does that mean?

  1. You can have a sports handicapping website and take advantage of all the same powerful tools like shopping cart and membership and premium plugins Handicapping Websites uses for just the cost of hosting $39.99.
  2. Plus starting your handicapping business with you get the benefit of a aged web presence instead of starting from scratch.
  3. We can give you a free URL can you can use for keywords like “Parlay”. or add your own domain.

See sub website URL example to one of our sub blogs: see the “horseracing” underlined in the blue? So what is the benefit of that? [read more…]