That’s right I have broken it down to the simplest most overlooked task to making YOUR SPORTS HANDICAPPING website AMAZING!

Writing great content, and make frequent updates. That’s all it takes, no snake oil, that is all it takes to make a sports handicapping website successful.

Now the disclaimer – This is not going to make you a million dollars, I said good start! Content is the #1 overlooked item on a website. If you a looking to make a sale for 1000’s of dollars you are going to need a website that takes longer than 5 minutes to read.

Honestly speaking even word you publish on the web, you are practically taking a foot and stepping on the person in front of you. This is number one fail rate for this market, these websites are just not being found on the web. From even making silly mistakes like adding the word “betting” to a handicapping website can make it hard to get this website indexed with Google.

Every page, every post, every video is another hand extended greeting this person with your product that you are trying to convert into a sale. The more hands you have extended the more chances you are going to have to make money. Then it just comes down to organic marketing numbers taking over.

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And by popular demand! ADD SEO services per day!

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*I will make post 3-5 days a week MAX