A free tool that will make your handicapping website instantly more profitable!

This marketing tool/WordPress plugin allows you to capture opt-in emails addresses from your website traffic with a popup opt-in email capture that can’t be blocked!

This free WordPress plugin is one of the many reasons I really love WordPress. You can use all these free tools with almost no computer experience you can put to use, and BETTER you can use these plugins to make your business MORE money!

The name of the WordPress plugin: Optin Revolution: WordPress Popup

It also has onboard setting that will allow you to delay the popup to your liking/=.

This is where to download the plugin from WordPress: http://wordpress.org/plugins/optin-revolution/

This is a screenshot of the result when someone visits the website:

popup screeshot

This plugin works with (5) mailing programs like Aweber, mail chimp.

Need Some Help?
Need Some Help?
I can help you with your website. I will give you phone & email support, fix issues, 2-4 hours of my time.

Fun fact we uncovered while adding this to a clients website: Mail chimp dose offer some type of free service, but I have not used it. The time to set this plugin up is about 3-4 hours.

Aweber Videos

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Aweber also allows to make some nice newsletters for your product>

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