Are you looking for a profiting network of turnkey sports handicapping businesses in the online gambling industry that is profiting right this minute? is a network of 7 websites that provides business services for the sports handicapping industry.

Domain Names of the websites in the network for sale:

Owning this website really takes no real computer experience. If you can send email you can own this business, and start making money in just a few days! I am not looking to inflate the website or mislead anyone, this is a very fair price for a website that has made a few hundred bucks let-alone the track record of earnings Handicapping websites has for over 10 years. 

Reason for selling:  I am separating myself from gambling related domains names and content, I am personally moving towards main stream web development projects, rather than gambling and casino. has a fresh look and fresh and revised content and keywords and ready to make even more money.The website is also #1 in the search rankingstop handicapping google search

*this website gets all organic traffic from being #1 in the search ranking for the top search term in needing a Handicapping website.

PLEASE NOTE: I can share the past earnings of the website, currently the websites are still making money every month, and has for the last 3 years. This is a investment opportunity, it is up to you to do your own due diligence. No domains or files will be transferred till 100% funds are in my full control. the websites and screenshots of projects that have been done are posted on this website. If you want to see the projects the website has done – see here

How the website makes money:

  • Website Development
  • Monthly Membership renewals
  • PayPerClick, Banners, hosting sales
  • Affiliates
  • Advertisement

hosting affiliate screenshot


The Website

1.) – A 7 year old website. and over 100+ handicapping websites developments.

Also included is the sister website –

Other notable features – paypal shopping cart.

Developments coming soon>> If the website remains unsold I am going to move the website to it’s own hosting and allow cappers to make handicapping websites on the Add a Site WordPress platform for $9.99 a month.

Everything that is for sale is in the current condition, this means I make updates to the network all the time, maybe a edit, may advance something along on how it functions, something is new almost everyday.

$25,000.00 o.b.o.

If you see the price you like buy it! I have moved the price over the last few days based on profits, what the website has earned, and what I think would be fair and maybe my overall mood. So the price maybe higher or lower any given minute. I personally love the website, I get lots of questions and have met 100′s of people from around the world. I have put tons of work into the website. In 2012 I knew the website had made over $5000.00 last year when I originally posted the website for sale, but until I did my taxes last month, I did not know at that time the website had made $7299.00 *this is not including the affiliates for 2012

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Things you will need! HOSTING, DYNADOT ACCOUNT – total cost $110.00